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Blue Mountains, NSW 2780

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Fitness and Health

Blue Mountains Fitness Camp @ Waldorf Leura

Blue Mountains Fitness runs quality fitness retreats at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort in the heart of the Blue Mountains at Leura. The resort is our base for a great week of exercise and healthy lifestyle education.

Our program is designed as a “challenge by choice” – it is your choice to push yourself to your own physical and mental limits. We will encourage you, facilitate the best ways to achieve your desired results, monitor you continuously and ensure the training is conducted safely at all times.

We guarantee that you will get fitter, lose weight, tone up and kick start your new healthy life after completing our fitness camp program. You will feel like a new person by the time you leave the resort! You will be ready to take on the goals you set throughout the week whether they are weight loss, increased fitness, event specific conditioning or even getting you on the road to break bad habits, addictions or just feeling the exercise bug again!

The Program

This is not your ordinary weight loss retreat or frantic Bootcamp style program - we tailor each week to suit every client on the program.

Our personal trainers are very experienced in training every type of client from weight loss through to the serious athlete.

As well as getting more than six hours fitness training a day you will also be educated at our seminars on nutrition, exercise prescription and goal setting. We believe that you need this knowledge to help you get the maximum results when you leave our resort and make the fitness gains and weight loss sustainable.

With 80 beautifully appointed guest rooms, most with private balconies, Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort is a great venue for the Blue Mountains Fitness Camp. Guests can also enjoy a host of great activities at the resort including squash, snooker or the outdoor pool. All rooms are equipped with WiFi internet access.

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How many people are there on the Fitness Week?
We have an average of 8 to 12 clients on the Fitness Week.

How fit to do I have to be?
We can train nearly all levels fitness abilities, ages, body shapes and sizes during our fitness week.

How many meals are included in the fitness week fee?
You will be supplied 5 meals per day from Monday to Friday

When does the Fitness Week run?
The Fitness Week runs from Sunday afternoon check in to Friday afternoon check out.

What type of exercise will I do?
You may experience the following exercise sessions during the week depending on clients abilities, goals and options:

  • Circuit Training
  • Resistance Training – gym machines, free weights, exercise bands, body weight exercises
  • Street Walking/Bush Walking/Jogging/Running
  • Swimming/Aqua
  • Cardio Machine Intervals/Endurance/Strength sessions
  • Core strength and conditioning
  • Boxing
  • Bootcamp style workouts – ropes, logs, tyres
  • Park circuits in Resort Gardens or local parks
  • Event Specific Training if required – for example: hill sprints, track sessions, running drills, cycling sessions, swim squad training, power/endurance workouts and many more.

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